– About Us –


Kevin Leal - Founder

Kevin started in Coffee in 1995 when is was poetry readings, sofas, and flavored coffee, “It was a perfect destination spot”, Kevin says. Taking a break from coffee to work in restaurant kitchens in Chicago, Kevin came back to see the world of coffee changed dramatically!

“They called it third wave, and I arrived late,” He finally got a job at Intelligentsia. “It was frustrating to get a shop job, and it was more frustrating to get trained on new techniques. I quit and went back to kitchens,” Kevin said.

“It wasn’t until 2013 when I wanted to go back to coffee, but I new I had to erase everything I knew and what I thought I knew about coffee, and start all over again.” Luckily, at that time, shops had coffee classes and Kevin enrolled in a few.

He soon built a barista training program and took it to Coffee Fest where he met some owners who hired him to be a consultant on their coffee endeavors.

“It was a learning experience all the way, and it still is, that the fun of coffee – it stays young, exciting, and adventurous!”

When the owners of Orale Mexican approached him and said that they’ll finance his coffee shop, Kevin created a program near to his passion for coffee.

“I think, anyone who is passionate about coffee can learn and be train in this craft. And they can build a career in coffee. I have an open door policy in my training program as long as those are willing to accept failure as an asset. Moving through failure through failure, without any loss of enthusiasm created my path to success.”